Things to do in Tucson

Lots to do in Tucson! The meeting venue is located just outside the orbit of Saturn on the University of Arizona's model Solar System. Head out the Main Gate past Neptune for various lunch and dinner options.

Before ADASS, the Software Carpentry workshop is on Venus (at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory), while Sunday's ADASS reception will be near where the Vogons will be building Pluto. After ADASS, turn left at Jupiter for the IVOA InterOp at Steward Observatory.

Journeying inward toward the Sun, an actual fragment of an asteroid is floating around the asteroid belt, the Flandrau Planetarium is for Martians, and the Moon Tree, a sycamore grown from a seed that flew on Apollo 14, lives by the model Earth and Moon.

Some places to check for time-varying events happening during your visit to Tucson are:

Tucson Weekly

University Calendar

Tucson Events

Pima County Calendar

...and just a few specific transient events happening before, during, and after ADASS:

Nov. 1: TEDx UArizona

Nov. 4: SkyNights StarGazing

Nov 5: Physics Phun

Nov 5: Parsons Dance

Nov 6: Hotel California

Nov. 9: Sawako Nakayasu

Nov. 10: Laser Taylor Swift

Nov. 12: Incoming!


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