Day Date Event Activities
Saturday 4 November 2023 Software Carpentry Class
Sunday 5 November (DST change) CarpentryADASS Sun schedule Tutorials, poster set-up, and Opening Reception
Monday 6 November ADASS XXXIII Mon schedule Sessions, Birds-of-a-feather (BoFs)
Tuesday 7 November (U.S. election day) ADASS Tue schedule Sessions, SOFIA + Banquet at Pima Air & Space
Wednesday 8 November ADASS Wed schedule Sessions, ADASS POC dinner
Thursday 9 November ADASSIVOA Thu schedule Sessions, ADASS Prize, IVOA Exec
Friday 10 November (U.S. holiday) IVOA InterOp Plenary, working groups
Saturday 11 November IVOA Plenary, working groups
Sunday 12 November (adjourn midday) IVOA Plenary

Nine days of astronomical software presentations and discussions

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