It is perhaps not widely known that Tucson was the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy designated in the United States. ADASS attendees are encouraged to explore the Old Pueblo's many creative restaurants, whether on the list below or not.

From Monday to Thursday, Nov. 5-9, ADASS will provide early morning coffee, a mid-morning coffee buffet, and an afternoon snack break between sessions.

Lunch and dinner are the attendees' choice. Many restaurants are within walking distance of the conference venue or are just a few stops away along the free Streetcar line. For those in a hurry, several quick and inexpensive options are on the second and third floors of the SUMC, steps away from the ADASS sessions.

Dining reachable by walking or Streetcar falls into five general zones. Often, there is an option to sit outside. Often, Tucson weather makes that sublime.

  1. On and near campus
    • Watch out for the AI-piloted robots. I, for one, welcome our new food delivery overlords!
    • Corks & Craft at the southwest corner of the "SUMC Canyon" (labeled "The Scoop" on the out-of-date map) may be the only place on campus to get carded. "Burgers, charcuterie, gourmet grilled cheese. Wine and local beers," according to Reddit.
    • Staying at Aloft? Try Miss Saigon or Trident Grill.
    • Couldn't reserve (or afford) a casita at the Arizona Inn? Have a cocktail on the Audubon Patio or hobnob with the plumed snowbirds in the Main Dining Room.
  2. Main Gate
    • ADASS's opening Reception is upstairs at Gentle Ben's. If eating downstairs, we prefer sitting outside.
    • Illegal Pete's – eminently edible burritos. Try the potatoes in honor of Dan Quayle, who more recently saved the Republic. Probably best to sit upstairs at this one.
    • Frog and Firkin – "inventive variations on traditional English pub fare."
    • Many other diverse options that change faster than my personal lunch cadence.
    • Time Market is halfway between Main Gate and Fourth Avenue. The Third Avenue Streetcar stop is right outside.
      • or it's a 10-minute walk from the same Streetcar stop to Zemam's, Too, authentic Ethiopian dining.
  3. Fourth Avenue
    • Magpies is a worthy contender in the never-ending pizza wars. Pesto? Yes, please!
    • The Shanty, "Arizona's Oldest Continuously Licensed Bar." There will be students.
    • The Hut tiki bar. If you've been to Tucson before, you may recognize the Moʻai relocated from a mini golf course across town.
      • If cultural appropriation gives you indigestion, select from many other options like the Boxyard or Bison Witches.
  4. Downtown
  5. Mercado San Agustin at the end of the Streetcar line
    • Agustin Kitchen is a nice place to dawdle, inside or out.
    • Judging from the line always waiting, Sei's Kitchen must be good. Think about ordering online, perhaps from the Streetcar on the way.
    • At the Annex, we enjoy plant-based Beaut Burger.
      • Pair it with a plant-based beverage from Westbound.

If you or your friends have a rental vehicle or can split an Uber:

  • The LOC hesitates to pick a Mexican restaurant. Willie Nelson and William Shatner like Mi Nidito in South Tucson.
  • Heading north, brunch is a bust for conference-goers, but Prep & Pastry is the place if the morning Focus Demo left you in need of a Mimosa.
  • Heading east, Cielos has a pleasant patio at the Lodge on the Desert.
  • Headed west, be a true rebel at Slice & Ice, which split off from the ubiquitous eegee's a few years back. Lime at one, lemon at the other.
  • Wandering about in the middleFeast has a new menu every month. Try the Halloumi grilled cheese. Open Tue-Sat. Next to SWS Computers.
    • Hankering for a chain restaurant? Never fear! Tucson's Culinary Dropout is in a converted lumber yard.
    • You won't have trouble finding a sports bar in Tucson, but devotees of the Church of the SubGenius might try Bob Dobbs.
    • Oh! Here's the other Borderlands across the street. 
    • Relax at the Hop Shop with new friends and their old dogs.
  • Exploring the periphery, Google thinks a Holiday Inn Express is a "resorts and casinos near me". Maybe try Apple Maps.
  • Virtual Seattle: Piroshky Piroshky comes to Tucson.

Please designate a driver as needed.

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