POSTER P102: All your shapes in ADQL: MOCs in the TAP ecosystem

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10:02 p.m., Nov. 6, 2023

Theme: Science with data archives: challenges in multi-wavelength and time domain data analysis


MOCs, the HEALPix-based Multi-Order Coverage maps, are a powerful tool for representing arbitrary shapes on the sphere with user-selectable fidelity and remarkable compactness.  Their most salient feature is that operations such as union and intersection, nightmarish with conventional geometries, are just a few lines of readable code with MOCs.  This makes MOC support a natural complement for the Virtual Observatory's Astronomy Data Query Language ADQL.  Indeed, the latest version of the ADQL-based Registry discovery protocol RegTAP already makes use of MOCs.  This poster describes some proposed ADQL extensions to make MOCs even more useful in TAP and ADQL and discusses these extensions' implementation status.


Markus Demleitner